Pool overflow repair service for Tallahassee residents is on of our most requested services especially for pool owners who do not have a regular pool maintenance provider.

What are potential problems of pool overflow due to heavy rains?

We are often asked this questions by pool owners. In some cases we have seen, the pool overflow caused water to get trapped between the liner and the wall and washed out some of the sand from the cove areas. If left untreated, this can cause skimmers to not perform properly.

Pool overflow can also cause a disruption of the pH balance of the pool which if not address in a timely manner can turn a pool green. This can cause bacteria and fungus to form causing a murky discoloration of the water.

During our pool overflow repair service we can quickly pump out the excess water and test the pH levels to ensure the perfect chemical balance.

Depending on the surface grade around the area of the pool we have seen pools contaminated by planters or deck debris. This is a concern for pool owners as some pesticide chemicals and other foreign debris can end up dumping into the pool which should be address as soon as possible.

We have also seen damage to decks and structures around a pool that has overflowed due to heavy rains.

Our Pool Overflow Repair Service

Our pool technicians are on staff and fully trained to handle pool overflow issues. Our mobile water pump unit can pump up to 9,000 gallons within minutes.

Once your pool water level has been restored to the proper. We will test the pH balance of your pool and recommend the appropriate chemicals to restore your pH balance.

We will provide you with a full assessment of the pool and any long-term maintenance recommendations.

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